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GBG Corporate Positioning

Global Bridal Group (Team G) is an award-winning multimedia organization with expertise in marketing, branding, media and e-commerce including: (,,,,

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Under the stewardship of Jacqueline Johnson, CEO, a marketing plan was crafted with the acquisition of an unknown brand: Today, is a leader in its class, showcasing the Caribbean as a leading travel/honeymoon and tourism destination. started with a modest portal in the US market. It was among the first to capitalize on the burgeoning China market with an e-commerce site tailored for the luxury wedding market in Chinese. Last year, the prestigious Shanghai Travelers Club named "The best website promoting the business of the Caribbean, worldwide."

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According to CEO, Jacqueline Johnson, "We are not resting on our laurels and corollary launch plans are in the works for lucrative markets including Mexico, Brazil, the Far/Middle East and other targeted segments." We recently launched Today, is the premier website covering the lucrative wedding & honeymoon market worldwide, and has grown significantly every single year.

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Johnson, often referred to as the Wedding Guru, attributes's fast growing visitor base to recognizing and meeting the need to: "Provide couples with a comprehensive and user-friendly site that has all the information they seek to make informed and enjoyable wedding plans." She further stated,As technology becomes ever more sophisticated in the digital age, Team G and provides exceptionally easy access to information for couples planning their destination wedding and honeymoon. We do so in a fashion that bridges the gap between traditional print communications and the new digital space.

Susan Black and Jacqueline Johnson
Jacqueline Johnson
Canika John, Commissioner Beverly Nicholson-Doty, Jacqueline Johnson
Jacqueline Johnson and Mar Jennings
Jacqueline Johnson and Steve Lang
Mar Jennings, Jacqueline Johnson and Kelly Greer
Jacqueline Johnson, Colin Cowie and Dennis Stokely
Colin Cowie, Susan Black, Jacqueline Johnson and Dennis Stokely
Brenda O'Neale and Jacqueline Johnson
Susan Black, Colin Cowie, Jacqueline Johnson, Commissioner Beverly Nicholson-Doty, Dennis Stokely, Mar Jennings and Steve Lang
Steve Lang, Jacqueline Johnson and Dennis Stokely
Jacqueline Johnson and Marley Majcher

Over the last two decades, Mrs. Johnson held leadership positions in all aspects of marketing, advertising, digital media including, founder of Global Bridal Group, VP/Media Director and Account Management positions for Greengage Associates Advertising Agency, a creative-boutique advertising agency for the US Virgin Islands, Hanae Mori, Windstar Cruises to name a few cutting edge brands. She also had management positions in Fortune 500 companies including Conde Nast - as Executive Travel Director of Brides, Modern Brides, Elegant Bride, Brides Destinations and Honeymoon and She also served as Executive Director of New York Magazine, VP Assoc. Publisher, Bridal Guide Magazine. To stay relevant and at the very epicenter of the marketing trends and related businesses, Mrs. Johnson is a prolific speaker, writer, perennial digital marketer and is also a correspondent for Questex Travel Group that includes Travel Agent Magazine and Luxury Travel Advisor.

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She has worked with some of the leading destinations worldwide and is a frequent, in demand speaker on the business of weddings, advisor to governments, delivering qualified market information, developing/hosting Bridal Symposiums in several countries. She delivered record-breaking results for a destination during a recent 2015 marketing promotion.

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Mrs. Johnson has been recognized and awarded over and over for her marketing and service work in the industry. She’s a Certified Traveler Counselor. CTC, and was acknowledged at the 50th Anniversary of the Caribbean with the Tourism Medal of Excellence as one of the 50 most powerful persons in the Caribbean. She has also won the Noah Award for distinguished service in the travel industry and currently is on the Executive Board of Directors for The Caribbean Tourism Organization, Chairman of the Caribbean Tourism Organization Foundation and Executive Board member: Association of Travel Marketing Executives.


What distinguishes Mrs. Johnson from other marketing professionals? First, she has been successful at virtually every level and has a unique combination of Fortune 500 experience with a keen sense and acumen of an entrepreneur, to navigate various aspects of marketing challenges - to achieve desired results. Secondly, she has surrounded herself with talent to mine the fast moving internet, e-commerce, event marketing, public relations, blogging and virtual branding business. Team G combines Fortune 500 expertise with small-business savvy.

Mrs. Johnson is available as a motivational or keynote speaker for business, association events. She brings a prolific story of how one can win and overcome almost insurmountable barriers. "You can almost always find a way to win." Call or contact her below to include her on your speakers' list and agenda.

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